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Well have concert tickets and other prizes to give away. Consider this my public service announcement to you because I know youre too busy doing stuff and whatnot to pay attention to the weather. Alan stays on top of the most popular videos on the internet, obviously. In the early 1900s, as the older parts of the cemetery began to lack space, the area designated as the Hillcrest Section was opened. We mentioned a couple of weeks ago the county is preparing an exit plan to get out of owning the land on which Platte Landing Park is located in Parkville. Your journalistic Santa Claus hopes to have a Christmas elf or two helping him handle the office during the special offer. But not everybody is charged with safeguarding millions of dollars of public money. On Facebook) DON'T underestimate KCI aaluable asset TO platte county W ritten 11/1/17 A big day in Kansas City on Tuesday as voters head to the polls to decide the fate of the proposed new single terminal KCI Airport.

That area will be much improved by this work when all is said and done. If you havent, be patient. How fast is the Platte County R-3 School District growing? Developing pictures meant many hours in the dark, alone with my thoughts, the distinct smell of photo-developing chemicals, and a radio. He sounded genuinely concerned. Local historian/fellow downtown building owner Olin Miller came over this week to offer some advice and enthusiasm for this escapade. Bidders are Gary Martin of Platte City, a developer who worked in cooperation with the county back in the 1990s in forming the course, and Greatlife Golf Fitness, an outfit that specializes in the concept of combining fitness centers with golf courses. Those Girl Scout cookies arent going to eat themselves. Ive seen this accusation made at board meetings Ive covered in the past. Important to remember as you think about this story: While officials have said the bodies were set on fire, at no point have officials said the cause of death was by fire.

And here we are.) In a letter accompanying its 2018 budget, the current county commission says: The commission is aggressively working on a predictable and sustainable long-term solution to this issue, in addition to working on ordinances that prohibit future commissioners from obligating taxpayers. (Take a snapshot of Foleys activities on Twitter @ivanfoley and find him on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and) LET'S talk about this library TAX hike; AND roper being roper Written 6/29/16 Welcome back to Between the Lines. Through seven months of collection in 2015, Platte County has shown virtually zero growth in its combined general sales tax/use tax collections. Not sure when the courts stopped working on Saturdays but I can tell you in 1903 it was a very common thing. Focus on running the city. Kids, before the internet people used to go into those buildings to find books and stuff. I happened to be standing near the table occupied by Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd, his family and associates at the time and noticed that table did not indulge in the standing.