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Is extreme couponing possible in canada

is extreme couponing possible in canada

me what I use coupons on the most though I would have to say grocery items. Learn to Sort Store Your coupons. Be sure to follow your favourite brands on their social media accounts as they generally will offer samples, freebies and coupons on their social channels to their followers.

Feb 14, 2017 by Stephen Weyman. I noticed ads placed by others who wanted to trade the coupons they werent planning to use for the ones they would use. When I looked through them, I would clip the few coupons I thought I would need and recycled the rest. In the process of searching for the coupon book through online classifieds I noticed that there were others who were in the same position I was they also bought the coupon book but would only use 5-10 coupons out of the hundreds that were available. It is very rare here in Canada.

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Not only did I save money from the coupons I found, I also managed to multiply my savings so that I saved much more than originally planned. Those are coupons that are stuck on the product. Here in Canada, as usual, we are over regulated in terms and conditions and couponing is no exception. I didn't use coupons until a few years ago when I discovered coupon inserts in our local flyers. There will be a lot of surfing, but as you find sites of interest just save them to your favourites list and re-visit them again and again. I continued this process of looking around my house and office to see what products I wanted coupons for. Marketers are so good these days they know what youre thinking even before you do - if you caught a good sale - then you paid exactly what they wanted you. Sample boxes from companies like SampleSource often add coupons in the package with the samples too. You can peel it off to use during that shopping trip, or wait to peel it off at home and use it later on a better sale. Insert coupons are awesome for scoring great coupons. Within your email, ask if they had a few money savings coupons they could pass along to you. Related: Couponing For Beginners It was easy to find plenty of people to trade coupons with, as certain people were looking for certain coupons and almost everyone had coupons they werent planning to use.