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quite suffocated in his own blood yetbut close. There were here to secure a list of corrupt Opti agentsand Jack didnt have a problem that her name was. Damn it, she was dying, and she choked, bloody froth gathering at her lips as pain made it hard to breathe. One wall of the outer office was open to allow for a view of the common office area beyond. The screen lit with a harsh glow. Peri asked, and Jack unfolded the paper inside and shook a pinky-nail-size memory chip into his hand. Three against one wasnt fair, but when was life ever? He smiled, white teeth gleaming in the ambient light. Jack had a handgun and she had a blade in her boot.

The best case would have him on the alert for anything out of the ordinary as he strove not to get caught. It had Jacks name on it, and Peri went cold. Was he proposing a deal?

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I bet you wrote it down, Jack said, avoiding her question as he took her elbow and carefully helped her through the secretarys office and into a maze of low-partitioned offices. She loved the adrenaline, the excitement, the knowledge that she had what it took to beat the odds and walked away without reprisal. You made a mistake, Jack said as he folded the paper around the chip and tucked it away. You will report to medical tomorrow at nine. Im doing you a favor. Shed given Opti everything! Jack said, looking up at her mmm of appreciation. Its a list, lovely woman, of corrupt Opti agents. Do you remember where the elevators are? Frowning, he returned his attention to the crystalline projection. You'll then receive your premium account details (usualy within a few hours). Until time meshed, shed remember everything.

The man leaned toward the side table, his gaze lingering on the foil hat before taking a chocolate from the dish. Dazed, Peri wavered where she sat. She couldnt stop itand it would save her life. But she was vulnerable. Hitting the app that tied into the buildings security, she brought up the motion sensors. The night was not entirely ruined, and she would appreciate a good wine and the release that flirting with Jack would bring. Of course you arent, babe. With her malfunctioning suit, she might end up on her ass, blowing out smoke as she tried to remember how to focus.